Pregnancy Services

Pregnant ladies are unable to do Whole Body Cryotherapy, but can take advantage of our Local Cryo, NormaTec Therapy & Salt Therapy.


Local Cryotherapy

BENEFITS Local Cryotherapy

Pregnancy can bring many aches and pains. Local Cryotherapy can help

reduce inflammation and pain within the body. Local Cryo treatment can

help with alleviating pain, joint problems, inflammation, & similar afflictions.

It improves circulation which increases the amount of oxygen-rich blood

available to key area of the body.

- Promotes faster Muscle Recovery

- Improves Joint Function

- Relieves Tendonitis & Shin Splints

NormaTec picture.jpg

NormaTec Compression

BENEFITS NormaTec Therapy

- Improves Circulation

- Reduces Inflammation

- Decreases Water Accumulation

- Immediate Relief for “Heavy Legs”

- Removes Toxins Like Lactic Acid

NormaTec PULSE 2.0 systems are FDA cleared to provide compression and

reduce swelling in the extremities. Our NormaTec Lounge consist of leg, hip

and arm compression. NormaTec Technology uses hold pressures to keep

fluids from being forced in the wrong direction. This therapy is not cold & is

extremely relaxing.

salt therapy1.jpg

Halotherapy (Salt Therapy)

BENEFITS Salt Therapy

Pregnant ladies suffer from low energy, stress, lack of relaxation,

inflammation, allergies, sinuses, and much more. Salt therapy supports and

helps with all this ailments. The therapy can remove toxins from the lungs and

skin as well.

- Helps with respiratory conditions in adults and children

- Improves dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, acne and rosacea

- Increases oxygen intake

- Reduces likelihood of getting sick

- Boost Energy Levels